PHS Elite 17U Bianchi

A quality group mostly from the Tampa Bay area impressed on Saturday at the Jamboree.  Trent Lincoln, 6’3 out of Tampa Wharton, was very effective in his ability to get to the basket off the dribble, where he either scored or got to the foul line.  Karmello Branch, a 6’5 wing from Tampa Catholic, worked the offensive glass, stretched the defense with his shot, and got out in transition for scores.  Brandon Naythanogjay 6’6 out of Clearwater American Collegiate brought toughness off the bench and worked the glass for rebounds.  Idell Walton, a 6’7 unsigned senior from Tampa SLAM Academy, uses his strength and athleticism to corral rebounds, score around the basket, and challenge shots on the defensive end.  Ahmad Cidi-Jailoh 5’10 from American Collegiate is a defensive presence on the perimeter.  Justin Kruszewski 6’0 out of East Lake has a reliable perimeter shot past the three-point line and is a sneaky offensive rebounder.  Jayden Hosein 6’3 from St. Pete is an unsigned senior that provides a punch on both ends of the floor off the bench.  Issac Broxey, a 6’2 wing from Lake City Columbia, is athletic, plays big for his size, and covers a lot of ground quickly on the defensive end.  Lamarian McFarlane 6’6 from American Collegiate brings physical tenacity and toughness off the bench.  Max Simms 6’5 from Tampa Jesuit has a nice three-point shot but will take it strong to the rim if overplayed.  Chandler Davis 6’6 from Tampa Wharton is also a perimeter threat for the team.

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