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PHS  has been the go-to resource for student-athletes looking to gain exposure in front of recruiters and scouts and for college coaches to evaluate players.We have successfully helped over 150 + players earn offers to play CBB.

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Bigger Than Basketball, Our goal is for our athletes to Earn A free college education.
PHS Post Grad Basketball
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PHS Academy AAU Basketball
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PHS Academy AAU Basketball

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Our development begins early and continues through all the levels of basketball. One of the main goals of the PHS Basketball Academy is player development, and to help prepare all of our players for the next level of Basketball.

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We believe no challenge is too great with the right support. That’s why our goal is to help you become a better basketball player, and start reaching many of your goals.

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We boast a number of coaches that have experience playing at the highest levels and know how to get the very best out of their teams.

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BEST INDEPENDENT basketball program in the country!


Players at the PHS Post Grad Academy will enjoy safe and comfortable accommodations in beautiful downtown Tampa, Florida.


We use a combination of individual and group development sessions to develop players individually and “college style” team workout to prepare each player for college basketball.

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PHS Questions

A post-grad basketball program is a place where a player can spend an extra year to improve as both a player and a person. This is the year after high school and before college. Some call it a fifth year. One of the benefits is that this year does not count against a player’s NCAA eligibility like playing at a junior college does. This year is a chance for players to leave home and improve their chances of reaching their dreams of playing at the college level. A post-grad year can be completed at a prep school or at a basketball academy. 

Teams typically play 7 to 9 tournaments per Travel season. 

Teams normally practice two times per weekend (1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per practice). Occasionally, teams will practice more or less depending upon the tournament schedule and gym availability.

Yes, the Association typically provides basketball skill clinics or training during the course of the season. These workouts are aimed at improving the skills of the traveling players in addition to providing training to our coaches. College player runs basketball camps during the summer and there are many options for additional skills developments. See the website for a listing of some of the options available.

Every effort is made so that all traveling teams will have no fewer than 8 players and no more than 10 players, unless otherwise determined by the Association.  In no event will a traveling "A" team have more than 10 players.

Parents set the priorities for their families. The Association is sensitive to these issues; however, when deciding whether or not to participate in traveling basketball, parents and players should take into consideration their ability to commit to attending practices and games. Sunday games are an unfortunate necessity given the demands on facilities.

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