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Why Pro Holmes Sports Academy Best In Florida?
Since 2017, Pro Holmes Sports Academy has been not only one of the leading Post-Graduate basketball programs in Florida, but in the country as a whole. 100% of our athletes have signed scholarships to continue play basketball at the next level. Aaron Holmes, the programs director, is elite at identifying athletes that can contribute to a team at the collegiate level. In its management and efficacy, the performance of PHSA is unparalleled nationwide.Opportunities Players in PHSA go through rigorous workouts daily. These include weight lifting, conditioning, flexibility, and skill work on the court. Multiple workouts in the same day are implemented in order to help players improve at a rapid pace and to best simulate the schedule that athletes face at the collegiate level. The small class size at PHSA allows trainers and coaches to give each and every athlete the individual attention that is required in order to prepare for the next level. In addition to this elite training, players play 20+ games against the best competition in the southeast US in order to create film to show to colleges.


What do the players do for housing?
Players are provided with apartment style housing with 2 players per room unless additional payment for an individual room.
What kind of amenities do the players have in the apartment? The apartments have free WiFi and cable television with TVs.

What are the academic requirements in PHSA?
There are no mandatory academic requirements for PHSA, as long as the player is eligible to play college basketball by the NCAA. Specific courses, testing, or tutoring can be arranged if desired.
How are the team uniforms?
The team has four different uniforms that they will wear for games and scrimmages.
Do the players on the team get Gear:
Each player receives gear as a part of tuition. Compression shorts, shorts, practice uniforms, socks, team uniforms, jumpsuits, team warm-ups, and more are included.

How is player development handled?
In his evaluation, Program Director Aaron Holmes identifies areas in which the student athlete needs to improve in order to be effective at the collegiate level. Player development is not handled the same for every player, as players need to improve in different areas on the basketball court. Every player will go through rigorous condition, lifting, and flexibility/mobility training, as this is something that is universal in importance regardless of the player.
What is the strength & conditioning routine?
Strength training occurs several times a week depending on games and workouts for college coaches. Different players routines vary depending on what is best for their recruiting. Conditioning is handled at the beginning of the Post-Grad year. The intensity of the workouts throughout the year keep the players in their best shape.
Are scholarships available?
Partial Scholarships are available. Pricing is a baseline and is adjusted through direct quotes.
What does tuition cover?
Tuition covers housing, all athletic training, gear, consulting for recruiting, and travel expenses. For those commuting to workouts, a separate pricing is applied.
What is the initial deposit required to hold my place in PHSA?
The initial deposit is 30% of total tuition. Payment plans are created on a case by case basis.

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