Post-grad is short for post graduate meaning someone who has finished High School education.
* A post grad basketball academy is for players who want to take 1 year out (a.k.a. gap year) before starting college without losing any of their 4 year eligibility. read more at

post grad schools tuition  varies on the institution. As each year passes these rates are sure to increase. There are other fees to budget for on top of tuition: insurance, fees for special courses, supplies, textbooks, athletic fees, travel costs, etc.

Many of the  Best post grad teams  are stacked with great players, so playing against high level competition in workouts, practices and games forces.  most players to improve. On the same note, tons of college coaches come through the schools to recruit due to the amount of high level players.

  • Become mentally and physically prepared for college basketball.
  • Improve in all aspects as coaches work with you to reach your potential.
  • Gain increased opportunities to get recruited by colleges.
  • Post grad basketball academies play against college level competition.
  • Attending a post grad basketball academy will build your reputation as a basketball player.
  • It provides you with a college basketball environment enabling you to grow and develop as a player.
  • Have the added advantage of experience playing college basketball before becoming a college basketball player.
  • It is the right environment for you to mature and be ready.
  • You will get local and national exposure.

After you graduate high schoolyou can take a year to play at a prep school; this is known as postgraduate studies.

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