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A post-grad basketball program is a place where a player can spend an extra year to improve as both a player and a person. This is the year after high school and before college. Some call it a fifth year. One of the benefits is that this year does not count against a player’s NCAA eligibility like playing at a junior college does. This year is a chance for players to leave home and improve their chances of reaching their dreams of playing at the college level. A post-grad year can be completed at a prep school or at a basketball academy. Some academies are not associated with a school and are more basketball focused. Before the year starts players have an extra summer to play AAU and attend NCAA certified camps. This extra exposure is what most players are looking for. Once players arrive at a prep school, the open gym period begins. This gives players a chance to play with their new teammates, work on their skills during individual sessions and get stronger in the weight room. This is also the time when college coaches come into the gym to recruit players. Ideally your prep school coach will formulate a recruiting plan with you and your family to figure out what level of schools he will reach out to. If you have talent and are eligible there is a good chance multiple college coaches will be in the gym to see you play. Coaches from all over the country fly to prep schools to find players because they know the coaching and competition are consistent year after year. Plus, players who are spending time away from home won’t be homesick when they step on a college campus for the first time. Players are also better prepared to step in right away and contribute in a college setting versus a player straight out of high school.

No. However, college coaches do ask about your studies, therefore it is in the best interest of the athlete to take part time courses even though they are not required to do so by Post Grad Sports.

We help the player with marketing via social media and direct contact with our large network of college coaches.  Our game schedule is designed to help market players to colleges.

The main reason to complete a post-grad year instead of going to a junior college is that the player does not lose NCAA eligibility. Once you play in a junior college game you have lost a year of playing in the NCAA. 

The program is based on a Monday through Friday schedule with some Saturdays when scheduling requires it. M/W/F there will be on the court work in the morning followed by , strength and conditioning , lunch, and then shooting  workouts. Strength and conditioning (except Wednesday) in the late afternoon. On T/TH, is accountability  Days there is time set aside in the morning for school/study. 

International basketball players can do a post grad year.  They will need to have graduated high school in their home country and not be older than a school or league’s age limit.  If the player is coming from a country that does not have English as its official language they will have to prove their language aptitude via a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test or video interview with an admissions official.  The reason for this is that the schools want the player to succeed when they arrive.  

We have successful helped over 125 student-athletes play college basketball

A college roster is 15-21 players. Our roster size will be between the same amount of  players.  we are very selective on who we select into our program. 

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