Our alumni are entitled to a special sports membership scheme, operated by PHS. This gives you discounted access to huge range of sporting facilities, as well as coaching courses.

Join fellow alums this season and participate in our PHS sports team, attend a gamewatch event for men’s basketball team. In addition to the sports we love to watch, there are also those we love to play, and the Club sponsors three successful alumni sports teams that welcome and include alumni of all ages, skill levels, and schools.



Avery Diggs
Scottie James
David Jones
(Georgia Southern)
Quan Jackson
(Georgia Southern)
Christian Terrell
Mark Calleja
Isaiah Jackson
John Jean
Jack Abberger
Mark Matthews
(UNCW / Nova Southeastern)
Marcus Cohen
Hari Hall
(James Madison)
Grant Townsend
Laquincy Rideau
Darryl Mercer
Rey Idowu
(Illinois state University)
Kaine McColley
(Nova Southeastern)
Daniel Darst
(Rhodes College)
Andrew Gordon
Jay Joyer
Bryce Beamer
(Central Florida College)
Craig Bowman
Israel Atkins
(Clarion University)
Montel Stewart
(Missouri West Plains)
Harry Hebert
Parker Weiss
(Iona University)
Luka Milosavljevic
(Iona University)
Montreal Edwards
(Daytona st)
Montrey Edwards
(Daytona St)
DeVonte Render
(Piane College)
Sajon Ford
Grant Townsend
David Jones
(Georgia Southern)
Noah Evans
Peyton sestok
(State College of Florida)
Ty Majiks
(St. Petersburg College)
Brian thatcher
(Rowan College)
Anthony Gamble
(University of Tampa)
Lawerance Watt
(St. Leo)
Jack frank
(Edinboro College)
Dj Bryant
(Texas Arlington University)
Antonio Blakeney
(LSU/ Chicago Bulls)
Lorenzo Jenkins
(Arkansas/ Colorado St.)
Quan Jackson
(Georgia southern)
David jones
(Georgia southern / WVU)
Anthony Brown
(UW Greenbay / LMU)
Avery Brown
(UW Greenbay / Miles College)
Nick Peacock
(Santa Fe college)
Desean Enzor
(St. Thomas university)
Pedro Franco
(Ave Maria University)
Rey Idowu
(Illinois state University)
Kaine McColley
(Nova Southeastern)
Joel Cotti
(St. Leo University)
Abed- Abu khadier
(USC Salk)
Noah Throp
(Santa Fe College)
Ricky Torress
(Wichita State University / Illinois state)
Terrell Whitaker
(Albany st.)
Christopher Scarborough
Tionne Rollins
Aj Johnson
(Central Florida College)
Dejuon Small
(Santa Fe)
Malik Jordan
(Florida Southern)
Tavieon White
Mykayle Carter
Joe French
(Bethune Cookman)
Jon Moreno
(Merritt College)
Isiaih Islam
Santa Fe College)
Darien Gordon
Rod Boggan
Austin Walker
Grant Smith
Jordan Curtis
(Clayton State University)
John Mason
(Clayton State University)
Preston Urbancic
(Saint Anslem University)
Antrell Charlton
(Indian River University)
Mike Hartford
(Des Moines Area CC)