Since 2017, Pro Holmes Sports Post Graduate Academy has been not only one of the leading PostGraduate basketball programs in Florida, but in the country as a whole. 90% of our athletes have signed scholarships to continue play basketball at the next level.


Aaron Holmes, the programs director, is elite at identifying athletes that can contribute to a team at the collegiate level. In its management and efficacy, the performance of PHSA is unparalleled nationwide. 


Players in PHSA go through rigorous workouts daily. These include weight lifting, conditioning, flexibility, and skill work on the court. Multiple workouts in the same day are implemented in order to help players improve at a rapid pace and to best simulate the schedule that athletes face at the collegiate level. The small class size at PHSA allows trainers and coaches to give each and every athlete the individual attention that is required in order to prepare for the next level. In addition to this elite training, players play 30+ games against the best competition in the

southeast US in order to create film to show to colleges.



All student athletes must provide high school transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores to see if they meet NCAA criteria to receive an athletic scholarship. All students must register with the NCAA clearing house. 

We are primarily a post graduate basketball academy, however, Yes, we do take high school prospects and We have a Partnership with a Hillsborough community college , for our Post Grad Players (Parents) that desire for their student athlete, to earn, six transferable college hours, during our 6 Month School term. Additional Cost and is (Optional). Please Inquire For More Details.


Pro Holmes Sports post graduate basketball   Academy provides a number of academic options  SAT, ACT, TOEFL to meet each student-athlete’s individual needs for college preparation and NCAA eligibility. 

“PHS Academy is NOT A SCHOOL!” We are a Sports Academy.  Prep school  STUDENT you will not be a full time student . INTERNATIONAL PG STUDENTS’ come to America on a Visitor’s Visa Not a Student Visa.


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