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At Pro Holmes Sports, we can provide the following for every player:

▪ Player Evaluation – Strengths, Weaknesses, Game Plan
▪ Film Evaluation – Highlights, Analysis
▪ Academic Evaluation and Support – Knowledge & Assistance with Eligibility
▪ Weightlifting Program – Geared towards each Player's Framework
▪ Help with Recruiting Process – Journey all the way through Placement
▪ Apartment Housing, Meals, & Transportation



  • Detailed player-specific on-court skill development
  • Game situation instruction to develop court awareness and increase efficiency
  • Game competition, tournaments and competitive events
  • strength and conditioning program
  • Performance training to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, and explosiveness.


 Pro Holmes Sports student-athlete recruiting and marketing division offers services designed to assist student-athletes in gaining exposure and access to college coaches, recruiters and athletic directors across the country, and enhancing their opportunities for securing a college athletic scholarship. This division offers complete student-athlete recruiting and marketing services that fall into three distinct categories; Game Plan Development, Game Plan Implementation, and Game Plan Evaluation. Through well planned and thoroughly implemented personal recruiting and marketing strategies, Pro Holmes Sports student-athlete recruiting and marketing services equips student-athletes with the information, tools and guidance necessary to increase their chances of continuing their sports careers at the collegiate level.


2018 Men's Basketball Post- Grad Season Recap 

Player Testimonial

Check out this Testimonial from Rey idowu Illinois State Signee. 

Before joining the Program

  • 0 offers. 
  • None Starter Throughout HS
  • Avg 3.5 points per game Sr year

Sports performance Training

Our goal is to provide sports specific training that enables our athletes to maximize their individual potential.

player Development

Our Staff does a excellent  job developing our players for the next level.

Team Player development Video

Check out this great video of our Team Player Development Workouts

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